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Tips from a Harvard Graduate To Ace Your Character Analysis Essay

Character analysis essay is a piece of writing where students like to describe the character of a story. This article will explain the process of writing a character analysis essay. Like any other essay writing type, a character analysis essays also have a few sections. However, before writing a character essay, students must develop an idea, and layout for their essay. In this article, you will find a general guideline for developing an idea, and ensuring the layout of your essay. The following tips from Harvard graduates can effectively help in writing essay like a character analysis essay; It is important to understand different kinds of characters. A major character indicates main characters of the story. These characters are the ones that run the story. There can be multiple kinds of major characters including protagonists, and antagonists. A protagonist is the good guy, and the antagonist is referred to as the villain, or the bad guy. In most stories, the story revolves around t